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An adult science fair to benefit LEAP for Education programs

on the North Shore, at a cocktail bar.



  1. Each team must pay a $25 Entry Fee (proceeds go to North Shore STEAM programs)

  2. Each team can consist of one or two members

  3. Each team must create a project focused on a specific scientific principle, topic, or hypothesis

  4. Each project must include a tri-fold presentation board with info and explanations, and must stand on it's own

  5. Each project must include a physical/mechanical demonstration of the topic or principle being presented or tested (model, diorama, contraption, etc.)



All projects will be judged by both professionals and the general public. 


Three professional (science!) judges will pick overall winners for first, second, and third place.

Winners of the professional judging will receive medals.


The general public will pick winners in the following categories:

  1. Most creative physical demonstration

  2. Best presentation board

  3. Least likely to acquire a career in science after this event

Winners of the general public voting will receive prizes.


Dos and Don’ts

  1. Projects cannot include the use of open flames, fire, or incendiary explosions of any kind

  2. No hazardous materials - attendees should not need PPE to experience your presentation

  3. Project must fit within a 36”W x 30”D footprint (half a standard folding table)

  4. You will be sharing a table with another presenter, so if your physical demonstration is messy, please take measures to help contain the mess

  5. Don’t forget to cite your references!



WHEN: Saturday, November 18th

WHAT TIME: 5-7pm

SETUP: Set up begins at 3:30pm

WINNERS: Announced at the conclusion of the event

ENTRY FEE: $25 per team, collected on the day of the event

Proceeds will be benefit LEAP for Education


A single outlet, up to a quart of ice, and tape will be made available to all presenters

– please email with questions on any other needs you might have!



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