It all began in Salem in the 1830's.

As the Temperance Movement started gaining traction a local Reverend, named George Cheever, decided he'd champion the cause by writing a thinly veiled personal attack on local distiller John Stone...

This story inspired us to revive the art of distilling in a town once rich in both trade and spirits, but sadly devoid of distilleries for the last 100 years. We set out to roll up our sleeves and craft something exceptional using our own hands, uniquely infused with our personalities and steeped in history. 




Co-Founder + Count de Monet

Shift Drink: Hemingway Daiquiri

Preferred Classic: Sazerac

Former musician, teacher, network technician, sales representative, operations manager, and accountant. Still an accountant, sales representative, operations manager, network technician, teacher and musician. Proud father, [very] fortunate husband, dog lover and inadvertent cat antagonist. History nerd, air-cooled VW enthusiast and skipper of a boat any chance he can get.


Co-Founder + Chief Alchemist

Shift Drink: Surfrider

Preferred Classic: Old Fashioned

With 14+ years in alcoholic beverage production, Jesse has crafted libations throughout the northeast, including roles at Old Dominion, Gordon Biersch, and Harpoon Breweries. His interest in distilling formed when he started exploring cocktails as a break from the saturation of hoppy beers available. When he’s not distilling, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, often hiking, biking or gardening at their home in Salem.


Bar Manager + Mint Fluffer

Shift Drink: Goliath

Preferred Classic: Saturn

With 10+ years of work in bars, Rob has created and managed some of Salem's most well-known beverage programs (Opus, The Hotel Salem, Kokeshi, A&B). Since working with Deacon Giles Distillery, Rob has showcased some of his most innovative and tropically-inspired cocktail recipes to date, and has spearheaded the Elements series of must-have bar modifiers. Otherwise, he is just a cat lover with equal parts affection for tequila and Braulio, and is seldom seen without a beard unless losing a sports bet.


Brand Manager + Sales Demon

Shift Drink: Inner City Pigeon

Preferred Classic: The Last Word

For the past 10 years, Angela has worked for leading fine wine producers, retailers, and distributors (Pride Mountain Vineyards, BRIX Wine Shop, and MS Walker to name a few). Thirsty for more, she has turned her focus towards promoting exceptionally made craft spirits and now helps share the unique + intriguing culture and history (and daiquiris) of Deacon Giles Distillery.


Assistant Alchemist + Resident Ovine Expert

Shift Drink: That's The Tea

Preferred Classic: Paloma


Bartender + Environmental Intiatives Coordinator

Shift Drink: Downside Up, hold the meringue and make it a double

Preferred Classic: Old Fashioned


Bartender + Art Show Director

Shift Drink: Mandrake's Lament

Preferred Classic: Mai Tai


Bartender + Ray of Sunshine

Shift Drink: Ghost Ride the Whip

Preferred Classic: Gin Martini


Bartender + Purveyor of Snark

Shift Drink: Mai Tai

Preferred Classic: Negroni

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